Building Docker images with Gitea Actions
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Building Docker images with Gitea Actions


Default image for my Gitea Actions servers.

Base image: node:21-bookworm

Default user: uid=1000(ci) gid=1000(ci)


  • gcc (v12)
  • Node.JS (v21)
  • Python (3.11), with pip and poetry
  • Golang (latest stable, installed from
  • Rust (latest stable, installed using rustup)

Development tools

  • yarn Node package manager
  • pnpm Best node package manager
  • tsx Run Typescript files directly
  • golangci-lint Go linter
  • git-cliff Changelog generator
  • just Command runner, written in Rust
  • task Command runner, written in Go
  • pre-commit Runner for pre-commit hooks
  • mdbook Dokumentation generator
  • cargo-audit Tool for checking Rust dependencies for vulnerabilities
  • cargo-deny Tool for linting Rust dependencies
  • cargo-sqlx Rust SQLx CLI for creating migrations and offline files
  • shellcheck Linter for shell scripts

System tools

  • HTTP: curl, wget
  • Compression: zip, gzip, xz, zstd, brotli
  • Version control: git, svn
  • Text editor: nano